What is The Wellness Warmline for Schools?

The Wellness Warmline is a multi-tiered, interactive website that provides a community environment of mental and emotional support. It can be customized to support families as well as your staff to help them address the unique challenges of living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tiers can be purchased white-listed with your branding as an extension of your existing website or as a separate support service directly from ASI.

T ier One

  • Specially curated wellness content with self-paced activities that promote positive coping skills and self-care interventions to manage stress, anxiety, and other negative effects of working remotely/living through a pandemic.

  • Connections to local and emerging resources and services such as assistance for those who are less comfortable with technology to adjust to the virtual world


Tier Two (includes Tier One)

  • Interactive Zoom support groups for school staff and also for parents, led by the Wellness Warmline team that create a safe environment for participants to reconnect and bond with others within your agency. These groups can increase the capacity to manage change and increase resiliency.

  • Staff access to ‘Coping Coaches’ who provide real-time phone or Zoom support during the workday.

Tier Three (includes Tiers One and Two)

  • Portal access to Wellness Warmline clinical team of therapists and psychologists who can provide more intensive, individualized support by Zoom or by phone.

  • Or, the platform can be formatted to direct inquires to your own clinical staff by email or by a free call from the site to your phone.

  • Weekly parent information meetings and staff training (Suicide Prevention, Trauma-Informed Protocols During Pandemic, MH Self Care/Wellness, etc.)



How Would My School District Benefit?


Helping students gain ground academically, and not just maintain during this school year will be an exceptionally daunting challenge. Every student, every teacher and every parent all have varying degrees of comfort and ability with technology. Now, the pandemic is forcing everyone to work and learn online. By strengthening your team through the Wellness Warmline, their transition from brick and mortar to the virtual world during this historic time can build resiliency that ultimately will benefit your students. ASI’s Wellness Warmline can help you make the difference in your school district. 

Click the phone icon on the right to speak to a Wellness Warmline Specialist and get started with a strong support plan for your district today.

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